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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Firmware Upgrade for Sport Devices Using FrSky Taranis

1 - Copy Firmware files to Taranis

1 - Put Taranis into Bootloader mode
     - Power off
     - Power on while pressing both trims inward

Pressing trims inward while powering
2 - Connect Taranis to PC / Mac using USB cable.
    New drives (like E: and F:) will appear in file system

3 - Create a new folder on root of E: named FIRMWARE
4 - Copy all firmware (*.frk) files into this directory
    Download site for FrSky devices:
5 - Disconnect Taranis and power off

2 - Connect S.Port Device to Taranis

Taranis Pinout (From top to Bottom):
BATT Switched Battery Voltage red
GND Ground black
SPORT Telemetry Output orange

Connect to SPORT device using standard servo cable
GND - Ground
SPORT - Signal

3 - Download Firmware to Device
1 - Power on Taranis normally
2 - Navigate to Radio Setup page by long pressing Menu button
3 - Navigate to SD Card menu by Page button
4 - Navigate to newly created FIRMWARE folder by +- buttons, ENT to enter
5 - Select the correct firmware file for the connected device by ENT button
6 - Select Flash External Device from menu
7 - Wait till download is competed and disconnect device.

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