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Monday, December 21, 2015

CC3D SBus CleanFlight FrSky Taranis X8R / X4RSB Setup

CC3D Connection
- Connect SBus cable to Main Port on CC3D ans SBus port on X8R

Main Port is next to the Mini USB port on CC3D.

Image result for cc3d sbus cable image
Main Port SBus Cable

Pin #3 (green or blue cable) is not used. Pin #4 (orange or yellow cable) is signal cable for SBus

X4RSB Connection
SBus port is composed of 3 pins in group 4 above. Group 4 pins are on the lower and bottom side of the diagram above.

SBus cable conenction mapping:
Black (GND) Pin-
Red (Power)  Pin+
Orange/Yellow (Signal) PinS

X8R Connection

SBus port is composed of 3 pins on lower far side of the image above.
SBus cable conenction mapping:
Black (GND) Pin-
Red (Power)  Pin+
Orange/Yellow (Signal) PinS

Taranis - X8R / X4RSB Setup
- Check that Taranis binding mode supports SBus
Taranis must be in D16 mode

- Check that Receiver binding mode supports matches Taranis
Refer to

- Default channel order in Taranis is ok for CC3D / CleanFlight setup

CleanFlight SBus Setup

1- On Ports Page, SBus port must be selected on UART1
- UART1 / Data(MSP) setting should be OFF
- UART1 / RX(Serial Rx) setting should be on.
Save and reboot CC3D

2- On Configuration page, SBus must be selected:
- Receiver Mode should be RX_SERIAL
- Serial Receiver Provider should be SBUS
Save and reboot CC3D

3 - On Receiver page, check that channel map is matching with Taranis channel order setup. Default order TAER is ok.


Open Pilot Revolution FC Guide

CC3D, Betaflight, X4R sbus connection video


  1. Thank you for this! I couldn't get it working, and it was because I had MSP enabled on UART1 as well as Serial RX.

  2. Another victim of this default setting! Pulling my hair out trying to get my XSR to work; turns out MSP was enabled on USB and UART1 by default.

    Noice! XSR SBUS OUT works with ߃ with no inverter BS, and on the same pin as OP15.2.2!

  3. Thanks, this was helpful when I upgraded to a x4rsb. However, I can't get my analog telemetry from the s. port like I did with my d4r-II. Any ideas?

    1. There is a small dot that gives analog telemetry sometimes coverd by the yellow stuff around the (right) antenna foot. I use it to get rssi to my Redrotor pdb/osd.

  4. Connect pinA of SPort to pin5 of naze32. short naze32 pins 5 and 6. These are tx & rx for telemetry uart port. enable soft telemetry on naze. select ''sport'' as the telemetry type. set telemetry_inversion = ON on CLI tab and don't forget to save.
    Enable VBAT monitoring on cleanflight.
    You'll get voltage telemetry as VFAS on FrSky. You can read average cell voltage from A4 sensor. Fuel also works if you set current measuement on cleanflight.